Equipo "Encarnacion Perdida (Monoblok remix)" mixed and podcastedMonoblok’s remix of the track “Encarnacion Perdida” by Equipo has been featured in a number of mixes and podcasts recently.

Here they are for your listening pleasure.
(can’t refuse 6 hours worth of music right?)

Club Bizarre – Tenue Correcte Exigée Podcast (remix starts around 2:10:30)
A brilliant 4-hour mix by fellow french producers Club Bizarre, who were kind enough to share the complete tracklist in the soundcloud description for all you track spotters out there.


Noise Of Interest Mix009 by Javier Busto (remix comes in around 26’50”)
Madrid-based DJ Javier Busto (who is also co-curator of Logical Records) is responsible for the excellent track selection in this the ninth instalment of the Noise Of Interest mix series. The tracklist is also available from the podcast page.


The Omnipotent Oscilloclast Podcast | October 2015
This edition of the Omnipotent Oscilloclast radio show on Little Water Radio focuses entirely on Equipo’s “Simulationes Revisited” album, and juxtaposes every original track from the “Simulaciones” LP with its remixed version. This interesting and unusual approach makes it quite unique in this list and gives the listener an opportunity to appreciate how all the artists involved in this release reworked the original audio material in their own way.


NEIN Mix vol.3 – Monoblok & PSLKTR (remix starts around 27’50”)
Last but not least, of course the track is also included in Monoblok & PSLKTR’s podcast for London-based label NEIN Records.

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